Diabetes Reversal and New Breakthroughs

Diabetes Reversal and New Breakthroughs-To combat the massive increase in diabetes in young kids and adults, scientists keep trying to find effective ways to reverse the process that triggers diabetes. The cure of the health issues lies in the process that stimulates the problem.

To reverse or treat the health issues, one should have a clear understanding of the causal agent or the series of steps that are responsible for that problem.


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In this article, we will share the natural ways to reverse diabetes and some of the breakthroughs to cure diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes Reversal and New Breakthroughs

In Type 1 Diabetes, your immune system destroys the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas. In result, your body can no longer release insulin and cannot utilize the sugar that you get from food. Therefore, you need to take insulin through injections to metabolize sugar and to get energy.

The most probable reason for Type 1 diabetes could be a genetic mutation or diabetic family history. So far, there is no cure for Type 1 Diabetes but it can be managed and a person with Type 1 diabetes can maintain a healthy lifestyle by following a strict diabetes plan and daily exercise.

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If you are diagnosed with prediabetes, the untreated prediabetes or borderline sugar can lead to Type 2 Diabetes in a few years. Follow a strict management plan to avoid diabetes.

Major Breakthroughs

According to the latest studies, stem cell transplant might be a breakthrough to cure Type 1 Diabetes. Scientists claim that replacing damaged cells to the healthy insulin-producing beta cells can cure Type 1 Diabetes.

As Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. Therefore, scientists are trying to culture a vaccine which could stop killer “T cells” from destroying pancreatic beta cells. Whereas the studies are still under trial.

Type 2 Diabetes Reversal and New Breakthroughs


In Type 2 Diabetes, your body becomes resistant to insulin or beta cells do not secrete enough insulin. The condition has become more common in recent days. About 1 in 11 adults are diagnosed with diabetes all around the world and 90% of them have Type 2 diabetes. 

This may be due to various risk factors such as obesity, lack of physical activities, unhealthy diet, smoking, sleep disorders, family history, etc. According to doctors, adopting a healthy lifestyle, having a good diet, daily exercise and maintaining your body weight can reduce the risk of diabetes.

To know more about Type 2 Diabetes diet and its control visit here.

In Type 2 Diabetes, you need to take oral medication or insulin injections and should follow a diabetes diet and management plan. Losing weight is the major factor that can be helpful to reverse diabetes. However, the reversal of diabetes depends on your current health condition and the severity of your case.

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Major Breakthroughs

According to researchers, the low carbohydrate diet, low-calorie food, daily exercise and Bariatric surgery can be helpful to reverse Type 2 Diabetes. 

According to the American Diabetes Association, the low carbohydrate diet can help in diabetes reversal. Take 200 grams of carbs daily, divide the number of carbohydrates in every meal (about 65 grams x 3) to see results.

Low-Calorie Diet significantly reduces the diabetes resistance in the body and facilitates in remission. Research has been conducted, in which participants were fed about 800 Kcal diet per day (600 Kcal meal shakes and 200 Kcal non-starchy vegetable). The results were quite effective and participants showed a part of diabetes reversal by following a strict low-calorie diet.

Exercise in combination with a strict diabetic diet plan can help the people to reverse Type 2 diabetes. According to studies, exercise makes your body active and susceptible to insulin and will help you to lose weight. You may follow a routine of 30 minutes moderate exercise daily, a strict diet plan along with prescribed medications for the productive outcomes.

Note: Do not take any dietary supplement or alternative medicine to lose weight for diabetes reversal. The drugs can harm your body condition instead of curing.

According to a study, Intermittent fasting can be an effective way to reverse Type 2 diabetes. In the study, the participants were asked to fast for 24 hours, 3 days a week for a few months. They needed to skip breakfast and lunch during fasting days and eat a low carbohydrate diet. The results were fascinating, participants showed a significant amount of weight loss after trail.

Note: Do not apply any method before doctor’s consultation for the effective Diabetes Management and Diabetes Reversal.



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