Type 2 Diabetes Diet and its Control

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Type 2 Diabetes Diet and its Control – If you are diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes then it can be alarming for you but wait! You can still manage a healthy lifestyle or blood sugar level by keeping a check on a few things. A healthy diabetic diet, daily exercise and weight loss can be mediating factors to live a happy and healthy life. In this article, we are going to share superfoods for type 2 diabetics, recommended fruit and vegetable lists, and foods to avoid with type 2 diabetes.

Find here, the complete basic detail of Type 2 Diabetes, its symptoms and causes

Type 2 diabetes diet and some superfoods

The key to maintaining a healthy diet is to take a balanced amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats at the scheduled time every day. Grains, fruits and starchy vegetable contain a large amount of sugars which can show symptoms of Type 2 diabetes instantly or in the long run.

You must keep a close eye on the blood glucose level fluctuation before and after eating meals. Simpler carbohydrates like sugar and starch raise your blood sugar level right after taking meals. Whereas the presence of fibre in fruits and vegetable makes the digestion process slow and suppresses the increase in blood sugar.

Count your Carbohydrate Level

For Type 2 diabetics, low glycemic foods are recommended which do not instantly raise the blood sugar.Food with low glycemic index are safe to consume (55 or less), the foods with a moderate glycemic index (between 56 – 69) should be consumed at the moderate amount and those with a high glycemic index (70 or above) should be avoided.

Following is the chart of different ranges of the glycemic index of food as mention by the American Diabetes Association.


Fat and protein are an integral part of a healthy diet, they do not add glucose directly to the blood but keep your calories level and weight in check. Mixing a healthy amount of fat and protein-rich food in the diet is the secret of the healthy diabetic diet.

According to new breakthrough low carb and high-fat diet (ketogenic diet) is considered to be really effective to control body weight and high blood sugar level.

 According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease recommendation, the carbohydrate intake of a person should be 45 to 65% of the total calories. In case of Type 2 diabetes, it is suggested to keep the level lower than written figures. The one gram of carbohydrate equals to 4 calories. It means if you are taking 2000 calories per day, then you can multiply the number of carbohydrates to 4 to make up to half of the total amount of calories (4 x 250).

For more basic guide, visit: Prediabetes diet and type 1 diabetes diet.

Recommended vegetables in Type 2 Diabetes

Vegetables are the integral part of a healthy diet for normal or a diabetic. Fiber rich, non-starchy and green leafy vegetables are good to go for the people having type 2 diabetes. Fiber rich fruits and vegetables are considered to be super foods for diabetics. These nutrient rich fruits and vegetables not only make you feel fulfilled but also helps you to balance your blood sugar at the normal level and to control your body weight.

Some of the recommended vegetables in type 2 diabetes are broccoli, cole crops, kale, cauliflower, spinach, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, peppers, bitter gourd, cucumber, artichoke hearts.

Here are some vegetable whose portion size should be under check or should be avoided in large amount: potatoes, yams, peas, corn and beets.

Recommended fruits in Type 2 Diabetes

Fruits are considered to be rich in carbohydrates. But according to the American Diabetes Association adding a healthy portion of fruits to your meal is a great source to get antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. According to doctors, taking a small bowl of mixed fruits to meal adds up a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

Some of the recommended fruits for type 2 diabetic diet are, apricot, pears, apples and peaches without peeling, berries, cherries, melon, grapes, bananas, oranges and kiwi, etc.

Always take care of portion size while taking fruits or other meal. Large portions can instantly increase your blood glucose level.

However, the fruits can raise your blood glucose level instantly are, raisins, canned fruits and artificial juices, etc.

Best whole grains in type 2 diabetes

In case of Type 2 diabetes, whole grain foods are recommended. Whereas, taking a large portion of processed foods and grains can increase your blood glucose level instantly in horrible level.

Some of the best whole grains suggested for type 2 diabetic diet are, whole wheat, whole grains bread and cereals, steel cut oats (do not go for the processed of refined ones), brown rice and Quinoa, etc.The forbidden or red list of grains are white rice, sweetened cereals, white pasta, white flour bread or pastries.

Proteins rich for Type 2 Diabetic diet

For a healthy type 2 diabetes diet and to control the severe issues a balanced amount of protein should also be added to the meal. Protein is necessary to build your muscle, for healing of wound and for normal body functioning.

Best protein rich foods for type 2 diabetic diet are fish, skinless chicken and turkey, lean cut meat, legumes and beans (in small portions), Greek yogurt, tofu, nuts like walnuts and almonds, eggs, etc.

Proteins rich food that should be avoided are, high fat meat, flavored nuts, smoothies, or shakes, bacon, sausages, hot dogs, pepperonis, etc.

Dairy products Recommendations

Unhealthy saturated fats are no-no option for type 2 diabetics. This will cause long term consequences, heart problems and will increase your body weight.

Some of the recommended dairy products in type 2 diabetes diet are, skimmed or low fat or no-fat milk, no fat or Greek yogurt, low-fat cheese. However, high-fat milk, yogurt and cheese, and flavoured milk should be avoided to control your blood sugar level.

High-quality monosaturated fats contain HDL or good cholesterol are good to go. But polysaturated fats contain LDL or bad cholesterol in them which cause complications for type 2 diabetic people. See the labels correctly and avoid saturated and trans or hydrogenated fats.

Plants comprised of good fats are avocado, non-flavoured nuts; walnuts, pistachios, almonds, pecans, olives, nut butter, corn oil, soybean oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, Chia seeds and flax seeds, etc.

Avoid high-fat beef, pork or lamb cuts, fast foods and snacks, palm oil, coconut oil, sweetened canned items or bakery items.

Drinks and sodas for Type 2 diabetics

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated whereas sodas, colas and sweetened drinks should be avoided to keep blood glucose at the normal level. However, a moderate amount of alcohol can be consumed (a small glass for the woman and 2 for the man). According to recent studies, consumption of unsweetened coffee and tea  (<400 mg caffeine per day – about 4 cups) helps to lower your blood glucose level.

Note: Consult your Dietitian or nutritionist for a good diabetic diet plan. As everybody behaves and react differently, therefore, a strict quantity of safe foods cannot be recommended without consulting.

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